In his travels to England

This page, set up by Montalegre Church in Barcelona, Spain, aims to introduce people to the life of Fr Jose Maria Hernandez Garnica, and spread devotion to him in all the countries where he worked during his lifetime.

Fr Jose Maria Hernandez Garnica was one of the first three priests in Opus Dei and lived an exemplary life. The Process of his beatification and canonization has been started.

He worked in close union with St Josemaria, and, inspired by him, provided a decisive impulse to the beginnings of Opus Dei’s apostolate in many countries in Europe and elsewhere.

At the beginning of his priestly ministry he made regular journeys to Catalonia, Spain, to offer spiritual assistance and help with Opus Dei’s apostolate there. He soon adopted a mentality that was notably Catalonian, with its spirit of enterprise and universal outlook.

He spent the last part of his final sickness in Barcelona, and died there. He is buried in the Montalegre Church in Barcelona.

For all these reasons, we feel like we have been entrusted with a treasure. We want to help keep his memory alive, both here in Barcelona, and in all the countries where he worked. We are certain that this will bring plenty of fruit to the whole Church.

Contact details:
Esglesia de Montalegre
C/ Valldonzella, 13

Tel.: (00 34) 93 301 43 47
Email: montalegre@montalegre.org


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