I want to communicate a service that has made me Fr. José María Hernández Garnica, whom I met in Cologne when I was 18. I have a child with obsessive compulsive disorder. In September 2007, at the wrong time of her illness, left the job he had. He was unemployed until I began to pray for Fr. Jose Maria, asking three things that would improve his illness, he found a new job that she liked, and to find a good girlfriend.

Start dealing with a psychologist and improve. On June 26, at 19 hours, my son called me to tell me he had just called a company for a new job. I was impressed that it was that day because I always said it was Fr. Jose who taught me to love Saint Josemaría, and I thought that, to this favor, I wanted to remind me that you had more devotion. My son continues to improve and I follow him asking to be healed completely and find a bride. I hope to someday write that also has given me.

C.E. (Fact Sheet, No. 4, 2009)


I needed a floor easily accessible with Internet access and about the people I know. My mother left me at the bedside of an information sheet Fr. Jose Maria, I read the favors and I saw there was one with needs similar to mine, so I decided to entrust the matter. Just a week after I found what I wanted and am very grateful.

E.C.C. (Fact Sheet, No. 3, 2009)


I write from Toronto to record a favor that I have received through the intercession of Fr. José María Hernández Garnica. Since early July I am doing a research stay of two months at the University.

As I live and work in Barcelona was to find an apartment for two months. I started looking for information on the Internet and thought I would be very difficult or impossible to find a suitable place, the floors that were rented were very expensive and they were affordable neighborhoods were far removed from the university.

In those days I read a publication about the life of Fr. Jose Maria that left me very impressed, for his exemplary service to God who gave a person with human and intellectual capacities. As he opened the expansion of Opus Dei for many countries, I asked him to help me find my way in Toronto. Shortly after I contacted the Internet with a woman who rented an apartment just two months of my stay at a reasonable price. The floor was nice and was about 10 minutes walk from the University.

What is remarkable is that the lady I rented me the apartment, although there were more people interested who contacted from Toronto. She herself told me it was a miracle that I had found this apartment.

I am convinced that this “miracle” was through the intercession of Fr. José María.

A. E. (Fact Sheet, No. 2, 2008)


Should review your degree of disability to the regional administration, having undergone major surgery. Of the increase of the degree depended on a significant reduction in my taxes. They said it would be very difficult to achieve.

I prayed to the Servant of God praying daily prayer, I spent a recognition and two months later sent me the result. I had been awarded a high score and also the right to request transport services and parking very interesting. I am sure has been a boon to Fr. José María. Thank you.

C.C.G. (Fact Sheet, No. 2, 2008)


If you want to send your testimony or report of a favor received, you can do to josemariahernandezgarnica@gmail.com (select if you are to be produced or not)

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